BRS (Blade Rotator System); Protecting both your personnel and your product!

The BRS is designed to rotate a wind-turbine rotor blade both during manufacturing and maintenance processes and between logistic steps in the transport and installation process.
Main target for designing this product was the safety for people and maximum level of airfoil protection.

Main features of the BRS

  • Adjustable for different blade diameters
  • Suitable for pre-bended and straight blades
  • Suitable for blades with large COG shift
  • Able to use BRS outside as well as inside factory
  • Use at different stages of fabrication

Logistic improvement

  • No use of overhead crane
  • Easy operation
  • Quick (un)loading of blade
  • Positioning over any required angle
  • Blade root fully accessible
  • Maximum airfoil accessibility

Airfoil protection

  • Distributed load on airfoil surface, no point loads
  • Tip shell (optional)
  • Leading and trailing edge protector (optional)
    > No delamination


  • 100% positive control
  •  Blade gripping/clamping above blade COG
  •  Smooth take-over from hoisting sling to BRS and vice versa (no bumping, no peak stress)
  • CE compliant
BRS 2.0BRS 2.5BRS 3.0BRS 3.5BRS 4.0
Root diameter ±0.3 [m]
WLL Root/Tip [mT]8/510/715/920/1225/15
Torque @ Root [kNm]5070100140200
Rotation [°]200° – 360°
Rotation speed0 – 0.5 RPM

BRS Options

Because of the wide variety of options, the Blade Rotator System will meet all your expectations. The BRS options are:

  • Lifting- Lowering System
  • Load Distribution Frame
  • Tip-clamp
  • Tip-unit slave-drive
  • Blade Wagon – passive
  • Blade Wagon – driven
  • COG determination in three directions
  • Weighing System
  • Remote control

Irmato has developed the Blade Rotator System.
The BRS will be put into the market in cooperation with our business partner HAWART (

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